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More details at: ShellMonk: Monk Coding Challenge 0: Prelude

Status of the challenges

Challenge nameDecription URLSolutionLanguageStatus
wc toolWrite Your Own wc ToolmccwcCDone
JSON parserWrite Your Own JSON ParserrjsonpRakuDone
compression toolWrite Your Own Compression ToolN/AN/ATODO
cut toolWrite Your Own cut ToolN/AN/ATODO
load balancerWrite Your Own Load BalancerN/AN/ATODO
sort toolWrite Your Own Sort ToolN/AN/ATODO
calculatorWrite Your Own CalculatorN/AN/ATODO
redis serverWrite Your Own Redis ServerN/AN/ATODO
grepWrite Your Own grepN/AN/ATODO
uniq toolWrite Your Own uniq ToolN/AN/ATODO
web serverWrite Your Own Web ServerN/AN/ATODO
URL shortenerWrite Your Own URL ShortenerN/AN/ATODO
diff toolWrite Your Own diff ToolN/AN/ATODO
shellWrite Your Own ShellN/AN/ATODO
cat toolWrite Your Own cat ToolN/AN/ATODO
IRC clientWrite Your Own IRC ClientN/AN/ATODO
memcached serverWrite Your Own Memcached ServerN/AN/ATODO
spotify clientWrite Your Own Spotify ClientN/AN/ATODO
discord botWrite Your Own Discord BotN/AN/ATODO
linkedin carousel generatorWrite Your Own Linkedin Carousel GeneratorN/AN/ATODO
sedWrite Your Own SedN/AN/ATODO
DNS resolverWrite Your Own DNS ResolverN/AN/ATODO
tracerouteWrite Your Own TracerouteN/AN/ATODO
realtime chat client and serverWrite Your Own Realtime Chat Client and ServerN/AN/ATODO
NATS message brokerWrite Your Own NATS Message BrokerN/AN/ATODO
gitWrite Your Own GitN/AN/ATODO
rate limiterWrite Your Own Rate LimiterN/AN/ATODO
NTP clientWrite Your Own NTP ClientN/AN/ATODO
scheduling automation appWrite Your Own Scheduling Automation AppN/AN/ATODO
lisp interpreterWrite Your Own Lisp InterpreterN/AN/ATODO
QR code generatorWrite Your Own QR Code GeneratorN/AN/ATODO